Design Personality
My approach to design is user driven. I prefer to have research and user input to support my design decisions. I believe the best way to create successful designs is to work collaboratively and get feedback and inspiration from as many people and sources as possible.  I am a very curious person and I let that curiosity guide me to explore different ways to solve problems or improve functionality. 
My excitement and motivation about projects I’m working on comes from my belief that design has the power to make life better or easier for the user. Whatever I may be working on, this assumption drives me to  better understand the problems users experience and then design a solution that addresses those issues.
Outside of Work
I enjoy traveling, sports, photography, cooking and exploring. Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and Europe. Both trips were incredible experiences that allowed me to fully immerse myself in the food, culture, people, and scenery of the countries I visited.
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