The Roti Lifestyle Menu update made improvements on the menu and ordering experience for customers on both desktop and mobile. The scope of this project included designing a way for customers to filter items on the menu to fit lifestyle diets and simply the checkout process. 
One of the goals of this project was to allow customers to easily see menu items that fit specific lifestyles. Another goal was to simplify the checkout process to make it clearer and quicker for customers to place their order.
Key Issues
The main issues and areas for improvement were the lack of information provided for each menu item. The existing checkout process was no explicit and did not allow customers to review their order and changing times and locations for their order was hidden in the navigation.

Lifestyle Menu
Final Product
The updated lifestyle menu received positive feedback from customers and improved the experience for understanding more information about each menu item. After several iterations of the checkout process, it was simplified to be one single checkout page where the customer can review their order and easily change the time and location of their order pickup and delivery. 
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